Before filling out NAACP complaint form Please read Statement Below

Note, when submitting a complaint, the NAACP Boulder County Branch  does not act as your attorney, provide legal advice or pay for an attorney. The Branch will however  work with you to help identify options you may elect to pursue.
NWhile the Legal Redress Committee cannot offer legal advice, we can be non-attorney advocates in mediation or other processes as appropriate. We can also help you identify attorneys or local, state, or federal agencies that may be able to assist you in addressing your complaint.
If you believe that you have experienced a cause for complaint on which the NAACP Boulder County Branch may help, you are encouraged to submit an initial Complaint Intake Form.
Please recognize that the NAACP Boulder County Branch can only provide limited assistance on some kinds of complaints.
While we are happy to discuss your complaint and try to lead you in the right direction to address your complaint, we are not Attorneys. Once an attorney has been retained, the NAACP Boulder County Branch’s role will be very limited or not at all. This is to help ensure that you are not taking conflicting steps with those you and your attorney decide to pursue.
It is important to know that the investigation/fact-finding process requires us to hear both sides of a dispute. Educating the community about civil rights and community building is very important to our mission within the NAACP. Therefore, it is our role to facilitate conversation between the two parties and, wherever possible, to mediate/negotiate a resolution that is amenable to both. There are occasions when individual cases of discrimination can uncover systemic discrimination, that is, discrimination throughout an entire business or other entity. In such a case, our local NAACP informs the Regional NAACP office.
Finally, it is extremely important that you understand that Legal Redress is a volunteer committee.  Our Mission is to provide fact-finding, mediation, and to match needs with resources where and whenever possible. NAACP services are also contingent on the availability of funds and volunteers.