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Following revelations that Deputy Chief Redfearn of the Boulder Police Department changed call logs the night of Elijah McClain’s brutal arrest by Aurora police in 2019 from “suspicious person” to indicate an alleged “assault on an officer” without investigating the validity of those claims from officers on the scene, and his subsequent hiring by the Boulder Police Department, we demand that Deputy Chief Redfearn immediately resign from BPD.

Click HERE to learn the details and extent of Redfearn’s conduct and actions against Elijah McClain and the community when employed by the Aurora police department. Then, take a stand by signing the petition asking for his immediate resignation from the Boulder Police Department.

We urge those who want a safer, more just, equitable, and transparent city for everyone to stand with us by signing on to our petition demanding Deputy Chief Redfearn’s immediate resignation.

Is the NAACP anti-cop?

No, the NAACP is pro accountability!

Learn more about the origins of modern day policing and the changes we are advocating for at the links below:

“The crisis in policing is the culmination of a thousand other failures — failures of education, social services, public health, gun regulation, criminal justice, and economic development.”

The New Yorker, July 13, 2020

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